General Questions

What length gun will fit in my "Classic" SlipStand?

We recommend that the maximum overall length of gun to use with the “Classic” Hamilton SlipStand is 50″ or 127cm. This caters for most standard O/U or S/S guns with barrels up to 32″ and a healthy length of pull. Please remember that semi-automatics are inherently longer and the breach release lever on some guns may be too long to fit inside the SlipStand. To check your gun is a suitable fit, we recommend visiting your local stockist. If you shoot with a long gun over 50″ please order a 54″ long case instead.


What length gun will fit in my "Rifle" SlipStand?

The internal max length of the Rifle case is 49″. Every case comes with a spacer kit to reduce the length of the case by up to 4″. The depth of the humped section which accommodates telescopic rifle sights is 9.5″. To check your gun is a suitable fit, we recommend visiting your local stockist.

Is the Hamilton SlipStand water resistant?

The “Deluxe” SlipStand cases are made from a water resistant material. However, do not submerge the unit in water.

The “Rifle” SlipStand Cases have PVC backed fabric to reduce water ingress. However, do not submerge the unit in water.

The “Classic” SlipStand is weather proof and even though the outer fabric will “Wet out” and absorb water, the Polyethylene layer ensures your gun stays dry in short periods of exposure to mild or moderate rain/snow. If the SlipStand is to be used in adverse weather conditions or for prolonged periods in wet weather, we recommend spraying the Hamilton SlipStand with a silicone based non-hazardous waterproofing agent like “Nik-Wax TX Direct Spray” or “Grangers XT Proofer Spray”. This will create a waterproof barrier on the outer layer and improve water resistance

The legs on my stand won't activate and are getting stuck. How can I fix this?

It is important to use the carry handle provided to move your SlipStand, do not pick it up by the legs as you can trap the legs behind the activation bars. All SlipStands are set by our quality control department prior to leaving our warehouse for optimum performance, however if required you can use the adjusting slider mounted on the activation bars. Gently push the slider down towards the bottom of the SlipStand to widen the resting position of the legs and ensure they travel past the activation bars freely. Push towards the top of the bag to close the legs tighter. A movement of only 1-3″ should be enough to see immediate results.


I would like to purchase a Hamilton SlipStand but there are currently no stockists in my country. Where can I buy one from?

If your country or region is not listed on the stockists page, please select “Country not listed” or “Region not listed”. This will take you through to our direct ordering system where you may purchase online from Hamilton direct.

On very windy days with my gun removed, I am worried the SlipStand will be blown over. Do you have any advice?

We designed the Hamilton SlipStand to be lightweight to reduce fatigue when carrying your kit. The stand is very stable in mild to moderate winds, if using in strong winds we recommend hanging your cartridge bag by its shoulder strap over the SlipStand before removing your gun. Ensure to hang your cartridge bag as close to the pivot point and main carry handle for maximum stability. This will keep enough weight on the SlipStand to stabilise it in strong winds when your gun is removed.


I've got the inside of my SlipStand wet, how do I dry it out?

To keep the rigidity and protection level of the SlipStand at its highest levels, the construction means that the slip cannot be fully opened to aid drying. The experts recommend you DO NOT place your wet gun in ANY type of slip as this can cause surface rusting within hours!
Follow the link for an in depth article:Alan Rhone / GunSmith, Join in the conversation at Shooting UK: Shooting UK expert.
If your SlipStand becomes wet on the inside, please ensure it is dried fully before using again (use a cleaning rod or similar to check it is dry all the way down the tubular section). If you absolutely must put your wet gun into ANY type of slip, then use a gun sock or towel it off first.

Who do you use for your Parcel Delivery?

Our shipping partner of choice is ParcelBroker. They specialise in cheap parcel delivery and we would highly recommend them to any other business.



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